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ThreatSims is an information security consulting company that specializes in training the next generation of cyber security professionals. With years of experience training in the classroom and live on the keyboard, we bring real world experience to our blended learning approach. We offer a variety of unique interactive training environments from classes, to Capture the Flag experiences and realistic scenarios.

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33+ Events Organized
15000+ Participants Served
2100+ Challenges Hosted

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Binary Exploitation
Reverse Engineering
Jeopardy CTF
Internal Training
Boot 2 Root
Custom Challenge Development

Capture The Flag

Immersive Training Simulations.

Engage in hands-on experiences that simulate actual cyber threats, and sharpen your cybersecurity prowess in a safe and controlled environment. Our carefully crafted CTF challenges will test your skills in real-world scenarios, enhancing your problem-solving abilities and technical expertise. Whether you need to train your team or run a global event, we have the infastructure and expertise to support you.

Comprehensive Interactive Training


Comprehensive Interactive Training.

Elevate your skills with our dynamic workshops designed to provide comprehensive and interactive training. Discover a hands-on learning journey that blends theory with real-world application, equipping you with practical expertise. Ensure your cyber security professionals are armed with the latest adversary TTPs and current mitigations.

Lightyears of experience.

Amazing organizations we've had the pleasure of working with over the years.

US Cyber Command
US Airforce
US Dept of State
US Army Cyber
Bishop Fox

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