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Threat Simulations is an information security consulting company that specializes in training the next generation of cyber security professionals. With years of experience training in the classroom and live on the keyboard, we bring real world experience to our blended learning approach. We offer a variety of unique interactive training environments from classes, to Capture the Flag experiences and realistic scenarios.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Threat Simulations performs external and internal vulnerability assessments. Your network is analyzed through a combination of industry standard and proprietary tools. We are not only able to discover vulnerabilities, through validation we eliminate false positives reducing administrative burden. The findings are then provided in a curated report with remediation recommendations that can easily be integrated with a Vulnerability Management Program.

Penetration Testing

Threat Simulations performs comprehensive penetration testing for both external and internal networks. Each engagement is specifically tailored to the client to ensure the highest return on investment. The test doesn’t end with network compromise, we test multiple defense layers and measure IT security response. Our goal is to gauge current performance levels, improve your defenders' readiness and end-user security awareness.

Red Team Engagements

Based on years of experience in the industry our advanced red team assessments provide real world APT simulation. Our adversarial attack simulation solution provides a real world understanding of the impact of an advanced threat against your organization.

  • Open Source Reconnaissance
  • Spear-Phishing
  • Web Application Attacks
  • Specialized malware
  • Wireless Attacks


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Capture The Flag

Our unique Capture The Flag (CTF) events test employee’s skills and push them to learn in a fun environment. The event covers a wide range of skills including penetration testing, reverse engineering, cryptography, web and more. The event can be tailored to your specific requirements
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Penetration Testing

Whether you’re building a team from scratch, just looking to level up your skills or just staying up-to-date. Our hands on courses teach your team the necessary methodologies, skill and tools needed to take their skills to the next level.
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Security Awareness

User awareness is instrumental in improving your organization’s security. Our tailored training prepares your employees to handle sophisticated phishing and malware attacks.

About Us

Threat Simulations is a Veteran-Owned small business based in Maryland. Threat Simulations was founded on the commitment to providing comprehensive information security consulting to our customers. Our certified professionals cover a vast range of cybersecurity skills, from policy creation and enforcement to penetration and vulnerability assessments.