ThreatSims CTF

Red Team CTF @ DEFCON 2020

August 06, 2020 - August 08, 2020

  • Online
  • Qualifiers + Finals
  • Registration: Closed.

This year's DEFCON Red Team CTF will be hosted by Threat Simulations! We have an another amazing, immersive scenario that stresses strong red team skills as players traverse through an enterprise network. is interested in hiring a skilled red team for an upcoming engagement scheduled for 8 August 2020. The goal of this full scope engagement is to see if teams can access the 'crown jewels' and best of all, NO REPORT REQUIRED! Unfortunately, with so many skilled applicants in the marketplace, the offensive security personnel will need to be vetted during a qualification period. Only the top teams will advance to the immersive scenario.


Follow our team on twitter! We will be providing updates and dropping hints!